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Minecraft is a sandbox styled game that allows you to immerse yourself in a world of creativity, construction, survival and blocks; lots and lots of blocks.

It features an open world environment that gives you complete freedom to decide on how you want to play the game. Basic activities to do in the game are crafting, exploration, resource gathering and combat.

You start out in a seemingly infinite, open environment that has a wide range of terrain. It has  forests, mountains, plains, bodies of water, and even caves. You also would come across Mobs, which are non-playable characters, like pigs, cows and zombies. For Mobs like pigs and cows, these are useful because it could be hunted as food. Zombies, on the other hand, are hostile and usually could be found at night or in dark caves.

There are various modes in the game for you to choose from. First is Survival Mode, in this mode you are required to gather resources to be able to survive. Next is Creative Mode, where you can use all available resources and just build anything you want.

Adventure Mode is where you can play custom built maps, kind of like the survival mode, but with restrictions. Finally, Spectator Mode, enables you to just fly over and watch the game play without interacting with the players and element.

Creativity is a big factor for Minecraft. Put your creativity to the test and get Minecraft today!

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