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What if you had it in your power to rid the world of disease, to improve the lives of millions, to ease suffering and cure the sick… and all while earning a tidy profit? Big Pharma puts that power in your hands.

As the head of your own Pharmaceutical Conglomerate, you have this power resting in your hands. Will you use it for good? Being totally altruistic may not be the best business plan. The uncomfortable truth (is there an ointment for that?) is that some remedies are more profitable than others and illness is good for business.

Welcome to the world of Big Pharma!

From Humble Beginnings

With a few old reconditioned machines, you can grow from knocking out affordable generic treatments for minor ailments to discovering new active ingredients and high-tech machinery to help refine the next generation of world-changing drugs.

But watch out,

You're not alone out there. Rival corporations that want to put you out of business have their own set of competing cures and treatments, and maintained through your gameplay and immersion will be a constant battle for supremacy - Who will release their antidote first, and will you be lucky enough to find the right ingredients at the right time and before your competitors?

A constant dynamically shifting marketplace means that your fancy cold and flu medicine from last winter might not sell so well now that it’s the height of summer. Where did I put my anti-wrinkle sun cream?

Big Pharma

Is part business sim, part logistics puzzle. It's one thing hiring new researchers and working away in the lab to fine-tune new formulas, but converting all of that science into cold hard cash means bringing both a business and engineering mind to the problem, making Big Pharma a fantastic strategy game. With's guaranteed lowest pricing, you can experience the wonder of this game without breaking the bank and while still supporting its developers.

Factory space is expensive, and those brand-new fancy centrifuges and agglomerators don't always slot together nicely. In Big Pharma, the problems you'll solve and the business you'll do will reward you just like any other strategy game. Will you be able to outsmart the progressively more intelligent AI?


  • 35 business-busting challenges spread out across 7 unique scenarios.
  • Custom game modes.
  • Freebuild mode.
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