iKayaa Executive Ergonomic Gaming & Office Chair

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Made with genuine leather, the iKayaa Ergonomic Gaming & Office Chair is beautifully designed and provides luxurious comfort and long-lasting durability with its breathable mesh cushioning and industry-leading chassis construction. With the ability to adjust from 90° upwards to 135° into a resting position, it's never been easier to alternate between rest and play.

The iKayaa Ergonomic Gaming & Office Chair is truly multi-purpose and perfect for every scenario at your office or battlestation. Its adjustable height and lumbar and neck support will ensure maximum ergonomics and comfort; the iKayaa Ergonomic Gaming Chair's soft armrest can be rotated in 4 directions and up or down with a simple movement of your wrist, making it easy for you to change its position even in the middle of battle. All these features and more will ensure you have the most pleasant sitting experience possible regardless of what you're doing at your desk.

Whether you need comfort and maneuverability for long gaming sessions or a lounge chair to recline in when it's time to relax with a movie, the iKayaa Ergonomic Gaming & Office Chair will exceed your every expectation and more.

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